5|365 frankfurters


6 thoughts on “5|365 frankfurters

  1. Fabulous… as a mom with my oldest child (almost 15) interested in cooking – this naturally appeals to me! 🙂

    Do you collect cookbooks? My husband does.

    • Lynn, I have a 15 year old cook as well. My husband brought this out because he was reading Michael Chabon’s latest book on fatherhood and Michael talks about learning to cook from this cookbook. Also, the coffee cake recipe from the back of the Bisquick box, which was also one of my specialties. Leafing through this cookbook, I couldn’t believe how it took me back.

  2. Alix, that’s you, right? Oh my gosh..the cakes. Didn’t you want to make the castle cake and the drum cake…and the waldorf salad, and the polka dot pizza? I tried, but alas, they never looked like the pictures in the book.

    • Yes! Me!

      I remember I poured over the photos. I wanted a mustard pot with a pirate face on it. I STILL want a mustard pot with a pirate face on it!

  3. I used to use this one too — passed down from my parents. I think it’s still on my parents’ shelves somewhere. I’ll have to show it to them the next time we’re over there.

    Nice series of shots here. I’ll be checking back, too.

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