155|365 first, coffee

I am incapable of anything before coffee. Anything, in kind of a chronic way, really. I have been trying to take this photo for two days. Needed three hands, and finally asked Steve to help me this morning (holding the cup so I could keep the flash from going off). This is shot #30, and Toby reminded me that this coffee photoness was getting in the way of my real job…waking up slowly.


5 thoughts on “155|365 first, coffee

  1. Oh, so you probably haven’t been following the part about me being incompetent in the technical areas of photography. It’s one of the reasons I took on 365, was to learn how to use things like the light meter and timer….and the flash. But I keep finding ways around it (like my iPhone Hipstamatic app and the “sepia” button in IPhoto). Don’t tell anyone though, ok?

    • Ha! I guess I missed that part!

      It is really easy to disable the flash. Look for the flash icon (lightening bolt) on the back of your camera (I am assuming here that you have a small-ish point-n-shoot type?). It is usually located on a control pad. Select it and different flash options should disply on-screen. You are most likely in Auto-flash mode (lightening bolt with AUTO) where the camera will determine whether or not to use flash in a scene. Other options include: Force Flash (flash always on indicated by just the lightening bolt), Flash Off (lightening bolt with a slash through it), red-ey reduction flash (lightening bolt with eye). There could be others. Select the mode to disable and voila! Flash will not fire. 🙂

  2. I have a cross over camera. It’s a step above a point and shoot…meaning I can set it manually, if I were ever to step away from the automatic setting. But it’s not a big girl fancy camera. I am taking very baby steps.

    • Too bad you don’t live near me….I teach a ‘You’ve bought a Digital Camera, Now What?!” class that is very popular! I go over all sorts of camera controls. You should look for such a class in your area!

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