157|365 lost and found, again

This is my favorite necklace, and I think of it as my talisman. Steve bought it for me in Portland, years ago, and it has traveled with me around the world. I thought I lost it once, and then found it a year later. This week I thought I lost it again, and it (in it’s blue silk pouch, along with a favorite square turquoise piece from Mexico and a silver bracelet from Santa Fe I intended to return to Kate) was somewhere between home and Vancouver. On our morning walk I finally confessed to Steve. He found my lost diamond in the vacuum canister last January, and I hoped that perhaps saying it was lost with my outside voice would ignite his magical finding powers. Ten minutes after we got home he checked my purse, and found it. That would be the small  purse I took with me and have been carrying all week. My gratitude overrides my humiliation.


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