245|365 every inch counts

We’re ramping up for the kitchen remodel, the one we have been waiting on for the past ten years. Lots of choices…more counter space, or cupboard space? L or island? New refrigerator (yes)? New stove (maybe)? Can we do anything more creative with the lights? And what about the backsplash?  Demo set for September 13. Counting the inches, decisions and days.


One thought on “245|365 every inch counts

  1. Hey, us too! But only a small one. 🙂

    It seems every few years we improve on our small kitchen. Recently, I grew tired of the annoyances of our current fridge (12 years old). It is a side-by-side but tucked in a corner near cabinetry such that we cannot open an adjacent drawer or lower door all the way. Also, this particular fridge likes to freeze whatever is in the refrigerator section closest to the freezer side. Very aggravating!

    Sooooo, what began as a simple fridge swap out has grown into a complete demo of the fridge wall, a new gorgeous 48″ wide Liebherr fridge (already purchased and on hold), custom cabinetry and some FOUND hidden space for a cubby! Yeah! (Every inch counts is right!)

    I am envious that your remodel is starting so soon as ours is slated for the third week in October. It is such a small job (only three days) that the contractor needed to fit us into larger projects. We will be doing all of the finish work. I am (impatiently) waiting!

    Good luck with yours!!

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