i didn’t make this up

So, I knew it wasn’t an original idea. I have seen others do it (though I haven’t seen anyone get to Day 365…usually they run out of muster at 100, or 37, or 3). But I began poking around and see that there is an entire Project 365 movement and community. Like here and here.  I first learned about it from Brendan, and he writes about it here. There’s an iPhone app, and I’ll bet there’s a Facebook group.  It’s still a good idea, it just wasn’t mine. But you should come and play. And let’s see if any of us can get past day 100. Dare you.

One thought on “i didn’t make this up

  1. Hi. About the not an original idea part, yeah a lot of people have done it (doing it) but what really matters is what you want to share from each day. The simple short messages you had typed after most photographs made me feel your thoughts about a given picture. I had a great time going through all the pictures. Actually, i was going backwards 365. Reached 170 now… will get to 1.
    Take care.

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